Does a student need to maintain a monthly membership in order to benefit from their home studio offered Relative Motion classes?

A student does not need to maintain a membership after the initial program purchase unless your studio is using it for supplemental exercises to work on at home between classes. The only thing necessary for the dancer in studio classes is the RM apparel.

The membership is intended as an beneficial resource for at-home exercises and supplemental strength building for technique. It also offers several perks including LIVE classes, forums, resources for developing the whole dancer, the ability to connect to the Relative Motion dance community, opportunity for private classes with RM certified teachers and many more.

What does a DANCER portal offer and will it encourage dancers to train solely from home or try techniques they should not be learning yet?

The dancer portal has both individual exercises and classes. However, it is not intended as a studio replacement, but instead to add in exercises to strengthen technique learned at the studio.

A teacher can utilize the dancer portal as a resource by giving students specific RM exercises from their portal to work on at home, in order to compliment what is being focused on at the studio. The dancer portal does not introduce advanced technique, like large leaps and turns, but instead focuses on placement to build strength for these techniques. The exercises are geared towards alignment and strength building with an emphasis on injury prevention. We have created exercises that can be done in small spaces, like homes, dorms and auditions.

A dancer can utilize this portal if they are a pre-professional or professional, in college, auditioning, touring, etc. without a home studio, but might also like the added content and community of joining the teacher program and accessing that portal instead.