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At Relative Motion

Cara Dixon and Jaimie Goodwin are sisters who have been performing, teaching and choreographing in the dance industry for the past two decades.

Throughout their work, one concern has been a common thread among the dance community, and that’s the anatomy of technique.  

For this reason, they began a mission 3 years ago to create a program where the concepts of anatomy are both accessible and understandable to every dancer and teacher.  

Through certifications in injury prevention and personal training, along with studies in Anatomy and Kinesiology for the body in motion, and working towards yoga certifications, they have been meticulous in bringing a thorough and cutting edge program to the dance community.

The goal is to simplify anatomy so it is understandable and applicable, taking the complex and making it accessible.  This will strengthen and align the body for technique, so that movement serves the body and the body supports the movement.  

Relative Motion aims to add value to both dancers and teachers, as it connects us as a community.