Our passion. Our creativity. Our artistry. 

We are all in this together.

Our goal at Relative Motion is to connect our body to our movement, connect us as individuals to our community, and connect our purpose to a greater good. Our journey starts here by serving both teachers and students, but our deeper purpose is to make dance accessible to everyone. We believe that dance is more than movement, it’s passion brought to life. It’s healing. For this reason, we are on a mission to make dance accessible to everyone. 

A portion of our proceeds go towards both in-studio scholarships* and community programs.  When you choose to use our program, you are a huge part of the movement. Your choice brings dance to those who would not have it otherwise. You deeply impact someone’s life. You are the change. 

*We are always looking for ways to connect with students that might otherwise not have access to dance training. Email us for more details on need-based scholarships within your studio.