Dance is a sport.

Injury prevention is a science.

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Join our certification today to join the two seamlessly into your classes.




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Did you know that 60-90% of dancers will be injured during their career?


With our anatomy based apparel bringing safe training to sight, along with our uniquely created training program, you learn how to train dancers into incredible technicians all while reducing injuries.


Make Anatomy Visual To Revolutionize Technique Training!

Learn the formula to building classes that develop dancers' technique quickly, effectively and safely:

  • Learn about major muscle groups in the lower body that contribute to strong, safe alignment for technique.
  • Learn about joints and the importance of joint stacking to reduce injuries.
  • Learn about overuse and exhaustion injuries and how to create classes that combat them.
  • Learn how our panels allow dancers to spark visual awareness and 'aha' moments in technique.
  • Learn our formula for creating a class focusing on any technique desired from the most foundational point.

YES, all this knowledge is within reach!

Regardless of your experience level, you will be in the right place with our certification. We have worked with everyone from new teachers to Physical Therapists certifying in our program, and we can't wait to work with you!


The Relative Motion Teacher Certification


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Are You Ready To Offer Cutting Edge Concepts In Your Classes?

This 8-hour certification will teach you everything you need to know to break down incredible technique into digestible exercises and powerful classes. With your registration you receive:

  • Anatomy based apparel to making training visual
  • A year of teacher training portals with pre-planned classes along with hundreds of individual exercises
  • Teacher training manual packed with information on common injuries and misalignments, panel breakdowns and our class formula breakdown
  • Class planning resources to simplify planning effective technique classes
  • Monthly (optional) coaching sessions to get support, ask questions and connect with other teachers in the community

With our patented apparel, simplified cueing and effective resources, you will be offering incredible, cutting edge technique classes--based around science and injury prevention-- every time!


Relative Motion Teacher Certification


Teacher Certification Level 1


Virtual Certification


Teacher Certification PLUS


Certification + Curriculum Plus


What's Included In The Training...


The Panels, The Program And The Science Behind It All

In this class, we will take you behind the scenes of what makes our program work and the science that backs it. We will target:

  • Each panel and its importance within your technique
  • How the panels work individually and how they work together
  • Common dance injuries and common misalignments and muscular imbalances
  • How our program levels enable injury prevention
  • The formula behind a Relative Motion class and how the formula targets safe alignment while also working to avoid overuse and exhaustion injuries

You’ll finish this class with a complete picture of what makes up safe training and how to achieve it within your classes and/or program.


The Black Panels

In this class we will target our joints and focus on safe alignment and joint protection. Most lower body injuries happen in the joints, so this is one of the most important areas to address at the start of our training. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to lengthen the knees without forcing hyperextension
  • The importance of stacking our joints and how to build strength there
  • Moving between parallel and turned out rotation while protecting our joints

This class will feel like a full warm-up that both strengthens and builds control within our movements.


The Inner Thigh and Glute Panels

The secret to rotation is found in these impactful panels. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to isolate each panel individually, to power the inner thigh instead of the quadriceps
  • How to partner the panels together in order to rotate within technique safely
  • How to build strength and control in rotation 

This lesson will be everything rotation, focusing in on how to apply rotation to all of your technique.


Calves and Tibialis Anterior

Let's focus in on these often overlooked muscles. In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Why the Tibialis Anterior is the silent hero
  • How to get the most out of training the lower leg to achieve beautiful feet, higher releve and stronger jumps
  • How to build strength in the Tibialis Anterior so it can fully support more advanced technique

This class will focus in on these smaller muscles that are important in finishing lines, smoothing out transitions in movement and creating an overall sense of fluidity and power in choreography.


Hamstrings and Quadriceps

Come join these powerhouse muscle groups as they work together for all things involving hip flexion. In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the quadriceps powerfully without gripping them
  • How to activate the hamstrings first in order to stabilize hip flexion and offer strength
  • How to build energy in jumps and turns by strengthening these muscle groups intentionally

This class will help build insight on the power behind our dancing, and offer ways to train these muscles to work together more effectively.


The Relative Motion Formula

In this final session, we will review the Relative Motion formula for building a strong, safe and solid technique class. Then each certifying teacher will have the opportunity to create their own class in order to practice putting the formula, and their certification training, into action. This is the perfect time to:

  • Review concepts from the day to see if there are any questions
  • Become confident navigating the Relative Motion Teacher Portals
  • Practice breaking technique down into its smallest parts and building it back up to its most advanced option
  • Get feedback and gain confidence before the certification is over

This Training Is Right For You If...

  • You love learning new concepts and dance techniques
  • You teach within a program and want to offer your dancers safe ways to integrate technique into their training 
  • You teach independently and want to build your resume to offer injury prevention
  • You own a studio/company and want to incorporate safe dancing along with having new ways to market injury prevention within your program

Relative Motion Teacher Certification


Teacher Certification Level 1


Online Certification


Teacher Certification Plus


Certification + Curriculum Plus



Cara Dixon and Jaimie Goodwin


are sisters who have been teaching, choreographing and performing in the dance industry for over two decades.

Throughout their work, one concern has been a common thread among the dance community, and that’s the anatomy of technique.  

For this reason, they began a mission 3 years ago to create a program where the concepts of anatomy are both accessible and understandable to every dancer and teacher.  

Through certifications in injury prevention and personal training, along with studies in Anatomy and Kinesiology for the body in motion, and working towards yoga certifications, they have been meticulous in bringing a thorough and cutting edge program to the dance community.

The goal is to simplify anatomy so it is understandable and applicable, taking the complex and making it accessible.  This will strengthen and align the body for technique, so that movement serves the body and the body supports the movement.  

Relative Motion aims to add value to both dancers and teachers, as it connects us as a community.

See what our certified teachers are saying...

"I saw my students understanding and connecting to their bodies and learning how their muscle groups worked enabling them to do things I have NEVER seen them do before"  

Sadie Doughten
Studio Owner-Academy of Dance and Fine Arts


All I can say is “Wow!” It was so amazing to watch our students process everything they experienced, but what was even more impressive were the leggings!!! It made it so easy for us to see and correct their structural alignments and for the students to see it too. The tools that Relative Motion have created to help Teachers and Dancers are fantastic! 

Tonya Chapman
Teacher-Academy of Dance and Fine Arts

 We believe in both our faculty and students having the opportunity to continue their growth and education in our space together. It was 6 hours of constant focus to develop technique and alignment during our time together while using Relative Motion's magical leggings to help us cue our muscles properly. We absolutely loved our time together. The knowledge, confidence, and inspiration we saw each dancer leave with was priceless.

Amanda Plesa-Photnetrakhom

Studio Owner-In Motion Dance Project

I can’t say enough about becoming part of the Relative Motion community in taking part in this amazing new approach to training where anatomy and movement have a visual tool for communication between teacher and student! As a teacher I am witnessing a very powerful change going on in our students as they are learning to put safe technique and learning to understand their own muscles and movement as a focus! The progress already in 2 weeks has been off the charts.

Dulcey Fuqua

Studio Owner-Old Dominion Performing Arts Studio