Before we tell you about this program, let's make sure you're a good fit.


You're right for the Total Technique Academy if you want to create a dynamic program for your dancers with a concrete path for getting them to their technique goals, have dreams of maximizing your planning time while feeling creatively energized, or want to build a cohesive team of faculty who move as one unit and build into the culture of your program.

The Total Technique Academy is right for you if you are working to get your dancers to their highest technique potential and need a tried-and-true plan to make it happen,  if you want to build a program that is uplifting to your dancers, faculty and families by linking their technique training to clear, measurable results in and out of the studio, or if you simply want to see your dancers in a totally different place a year from now and want a cohesive, proven plan to customize your program around.

If you are:

  • A dance studio teacher who¬†feels that your dancers have more potential than you are seeing results, and know that having a visual, measurable, clear path will get them to the next level quickly
  • A dance studio owner or program director¬†with huge goals for where your program can grow, but feels defeated seeing where your dancers are starting, where they are plateauing, or the gaps between certain levels, and wants a faculty who move as a team to¬†build a more streamlined, results-driven program
  • An freelance teacher¬†who wants to build their teaching resume with continuing education recognized across the dance industry for¬†developing strong technique built around injury reductive concepts

You're in the right place! 

The Total Technique Academy will give you the tools, inspiration and unparalleled support to take your dancers to the next level, relieve the stress of class planning and wondering if you will see the results, re-inspire your team to move as one and even have your families raving about the results they are seeing in and out of the studio. 

I'm Ready!

By the end of this program,

you will have…

Nailed Down Your Program Goals

based on where your dancers are starting and where you dream they will grow (you know it's possible, but something's gotta change to get there)

Learned The Formula To Master Any Technique

built around on maximizing class time so that you never get halfway through class and realize 'there's never enough time for what I planned' again

Gained Freedom In Making Technique Visual & Measurable

because when dancers can see it, they can do it, and when they can measure their progress and find 'aha' moments, they leave excited to come back to class next time 

Reignited Team Culture and Goal Setting

allowing your faculty to dream BIG individually while also coming together as a collective to build something powerful that allows your whole program to thrive

Developed Customized Curriculum To Reach Goals

with a streamlined plan that nurtures individual faculty creativity and teaching style, while ensuring a full program is moving towards goals as one unit

Built Results-Driven Technique Training Around Injury Reduction

focusing on safe alignment and developing strength from foundations through the most advanced concepts, you can ensure technique is up while injuries are down

'This year we decided to ask our kids what they thought the most valuable part of their dance training was… they told us it was the technique training we implemented through Relative Motion; that it was their favorite, the most valuable, and they can see what Relative Motion brings to them.'


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‚ÄėRelative Motion helps us build a curriculum that‚Äôs based on injury prevention, making sure that our kids are getting the same training throughout [all their classes] and that we are able to put together a curriculum that's more cohesive for everybody to follow.'

- Jillian Michaels, Studio Owner


'Not just the program, but utilizing the pants, they can see for themselves to have a little bit more accountability for what they're doing, and put the concepts that go along with that into play.'

- Heather Osarczuk, Teacher 


'I would say that this program is unlike any I've ever seen... and I think it's one of the best things on the market for dancers. I think that  it will take you to much greater heights. This company is really about supporting dancers mind, body and soul.'

- Erica Jones, Teacher


'I am really empowered that I can go tomorrow to meet with my teachers and I have a full plan and a full why do I need it. I do feel like that 'how' of what I've been looking for, of how do I improve our technique, I've feel like I've gotten that foundation here... and I've got the resources to implement this plan.'

- Chan'tele Rountree, Studio Owner


'What I really love about Relative Motion is the aspect of giving the visual, a new way of learning technique.. to give visual learners another way to see the results, see how things work, see how the body works. I'm excited, I've been in the industry 40 years, so having a new way to approach technique is exciting.'

- Holly 'Rock' Nellis, Studio Owner


'What I really love about Relative Motion is it really blends science with the passion and the mental health. I feel like a lot of programs focus on one or the other, but this really blends the two together.'

- Tristan Stanley, Teacher


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What’s Inside The Total Technique Academy


Module 1

Understand Anatomy in a Way That Delivers Results

Here's why it pays to learn from a company that has broken down in detail each area body, simplified it, worked through the most powerful ways to master technique with it, made it visual for dancers and packaged it up with a guarantee to work. In this module, we dive in -not just to learn about the anatomy- but to learn (in a fun, simplified way) how to have the most technique impact in the shortest time with it. And who doesn't want that?

Module 1 Highlights:

Find out the secret sauce behind our apparel and each of the highlighted areas in the lower body to realize fast how visual learning is the missing link to your dancers' highest technique level.

  • Learn about our levels, why are they different from studio levels and how each dancer- no matter what age or skill level- can master higher levels of technique by thinking about it in this new way.
  • Break down the highlighted areas of the anatomy through our apparel, and learn how these simplified areas will be everything your dancers need to reach incredible technique levels... and¬†how.¬†
  • Discover the art of timing:¬† how to train muscle groups in a certain order, and with a certain emphasis, to make technique more digestible and higher goals more attainable.¬†
Module 2

Injury Reduction Is Easier Than You Think

In this module, we will uncover the most common dance injuries and the imbalances that often lead to injuries, how to train differently in order to reach higher technique levels safely, and tools for communication so dancers have the confidence that they are on the right path each and every class. 

Module 2 Highlights:

  • Injury statistics and a new way of beating the odds
  • Common muscular imbalances in dancers and why most¬†training programs fall into these traps
  • Placement insights- the 'cheat sheet' to our apparel in order to make safe training a no-brainer
Module 3

The Secret's Out

This module holds the formula behind every technique goal you want to reach. It takes your goals, simplifies them and translates them into achievable class plans, highlighting what the standard class is within the dance industry, and how to shake it up for results. Here you unlock how to maximize both planning time but also class time, so that results are happening every class, leaving dancers excited for more, teachers feeling refreshed and inspired, and families returning season after season.

Module 3 Highlights:

  • The Relative Motion Class Formula break down
  • The secret to reverse engineering
  • The power brainstorm- how to have 30 technique class ideas in less than 5 minutes (and the 10-minute planning session to be class ready)
Module 4

Dem Bones

The first thing a dancer must understand is their bone alignment and how to stack their joints because let's be honest, most injuries occur in the joints. This is where the movement of the body takes place and so it's the most pivotal element in getting all the other training 'right', are we right? 

So in this movement based class we jump into all things joints by highlighting our black panels.

Module 3 Highlights:

  • Joint stacking¬†through clear visual cues
  • Building strength and control in joints for¬†faster technique gains
  • Injury reduction made simple
Module 5-7

Total Technique In Action

In these movement classes, we are diving into the panels in action. These classes will break down the barriers between the understanding vs doing, and show how simple it can be to have dancers having measurable progress towards their goals, in every class.

Module 5-7 Highlights:

  • Maximizing Rotation
  • Finishing Lines
  • Powering Leaps
Module 8

Action Plan for Success

In this module you will learn how to be an action taker, translating everything you have learned to this point into powerful, specific classes. This will be the moment where it all comes together and you say, 'it's that easy?'. It's also at this point where you realize how much you can accomplish in the little time you have, and how much more time it will feel like you have now. And if that's not enough, it's this point where you can look at specific students and feel confident they will achieve the goals you are setting together. 

Module 8 Highlights:

  • Personalizing the Relative Motion Formula for your specific dancers
  • Discovering the RM cheat sheets for class planning, and learn how we have designed the BTS to make your life beautifully seamless, one class at a time
  • Find and focus- let where your dancers are now drive every class plan to ensure they reach their greatest potential quickly and safely
Module 9


This module will take you deeper than the rest as we uncover your greatest why. The truth is, we all teach for a reason beyond seeing a young child master turnout or hit a triple pirouette with ease, and with these exercises we designed just for you we will pinpoint your true-to-you why!

Module Highlights:

This module might be the most powerful of them all becomes it connects you back into your purpose. Challenge yourself to be honest and to allow vulnerability into your process.

  • Your Team is Your Superpower- Discover the importance of being on the same page and creating team goals
  • SMART goals- Knowing what specificity creates and the areas that need the most attention when creating goals
  • Design your WHY- Let you career, your passion, your life unfold by design as you pinpoint your true why and build everything else from this point
Module 10-11

Magic In The Making

In these two modules, we will take an in-depth look at your classes/program as a whole. Where are the dancers starting? Where would you like them to end the season? Where do you personally have complaints or see gaps year after year?  When we move into this formula, you will have access to seeing specific patterns and customizing a new outcome that will be both mind-blowing and refreshing.

Module 10-11 Highlights:

  • Take an in-depth look into your classes/program and dancers to pinpoint patterns and recreate systems
  • Break down everything you currently see and do within your classes in order to¬†design¬†a new outcome
  • Structure individual and/or team curriculum¬†plans to ensure your goals will be reached this and every season
Module 12

Game Time

In this module, we have it all unfold. That's right, every yearly vision, every monthly concept, down to every class plan-- you will now design the details in order to see every goal you have unfold. And the best part? Not only unfold, but be realistic, attainable and exciting!

You will finish out this training empowered and on fire because you will know nothing is out of your reach!

Module Highlights:

  • Seeing the BIG picture and using a specific formula to break it down to smaller goals and plans
  • Plan each month of your season in a way that's powerful and builds into the full season goals
  • Tie in our class formula to plan each and every class with strategy and power, not only ensuring the year goals are met, but that each class experiences major 'aha' moments in an encouraging results-driven environment.

 When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get: 

The training program the delivers GUARANTEED!

(A $1997 Value)

  • 12 Modules- One Released Each Week¬†

    ($1197 value)

    Each module is designed with shorter lessons that are digestible in length, along with a lifetime access, so you can learn at your own pace and feel confident that you have found gold to bring into your teaching without feeling the overwhelm of 'falling behind'.
  • Relative Motion Apparel

    ($99 value)

    Our training program is designed around the concept of anatomy becoming visual for dancers. To have each teacher feel the true power of that in the Academy, you receive a pair of apparel with registration.

  • Relative Motion Training Portals

    ($179/year value-$500+ total)

    With this training you now have lifetime access to our training portals, so on top of the lifetime access to our teacher training program (the 12 modules), you also have access to hundreds to technique training exercises that can be implemented straight into you classes. Our goal is to make this system as user-friendly as possible, so that you see the results instantly. 
  • Relative Motion Class Planning & Curriculum Planning Resources

    ($197 value)

    These resources include our digital Teacher Training Manual & Curriculum Plus Workbook, along with our digital Class Formula Worksheets & Anatomical Appendix. Within these amazing tools you will have everything you need to class plan like a boss, your own boss that is!

Plus These Bonuses to Help You 

Curate a Personal Learning Experience to Ensure You Meet Every Technique Goal You Set


Bonus 1

12 Live Sessions

Never get overwhelmed with content or left behind. This is our promise in our Live Sessions.  

Every week we walk hand-in-hand with you through the digital content so that you can ask questions, dive in deeper or simply review. Wherever you are starting, whether an anatomical enthusiast or learning it all for the first time, we are right there beside you, meeting you where you need to succeed. 

(A $1197 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 12 weeks of Live Sessions¬†to¬†ensure you are feeling plugged in to content, having every question answered and feeling others walking with you on this incredible journey
  • A powerful, supportive community unlike any other, filled with teachers who are learning with you, along with the Relative Motion Team to help guide you to your greatest goals
Bonus 2

Customizable Class Planning Template

This editable template is designed to give class planning both an ease and efficiency. What could take hours before, you can now do in 10 minutes- and it links straight into your dancers' learning so they can access everything from class at their fingertips. Never have dancers confused, left behind, or learning things off YouTube again! 

(A $97 Value)

Bonus 3

50% off In-Person Teacher Training Event (Tampa, FL)

If you've seen our In-Person events you know they are the place to be! We jump into it all: teacher training, mindset, cross training, injury reduction and recovery techniques. And the best part? The teacher focused sessions are designed just for you in an environment where teachers can let go, find community and thrive.  And now you can access your pass for 50% off with your Academy registration. 

(A $497 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 2-day event filled with teacher sessions--choose the best track for you
  • Food, fun & friendship is all-inclusive (nothing better than that)
  • Connecting with a powerful community of like-minded educators in an environment that is refreshing and inspiring

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We are so sure about our training, and the process & tools we have created to get your dancers to their highest technique potential, that we guarantee you see technique results within 2 weeks of using our program regularly or your money back.

If you feel you have not gotten the promised results from our program, simply video yourself teaching a Relative Motion class to your dancers, following the proven RM formula along using our exercises and cuing methods. For this class, have at least one dancer in the apparel so we can see how they are translating the exercises and measuring their personal progress. If we see this isn't working for you, an instant refund will be issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful students asked before joining Total Technique Academy

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Still thinking about it? 

4 Ways to Know If You’re Ready to Achieve the Level of Technique We Are Promising

  1. You instantly became excited and hopeful reading through the information above, and felt a deep sense of purpose swelling up within you. 
  2. Reading about our training made you instantly think of specific dancers you could help, and you can visualize technique training in a way that's inspiring and refreshing to you as a teacher.
  3. In the back of your mind you found yourself thinking 'what if?' and knew if this program offered even a small portion of what it promises that your dancers would be given a whole new level of opportunity. 
  4. You look at the details and realize that since there is zero risk and something's gotta give to reach new technique levels, you have no doubt found the answer you have been looking for!

We can’t wait for you to join the Total Technique Academy

To get incredibly personal in sharing our 'why', then we have to be deeply authentic with you. See, we weren't the dancers who started out in a top level studio. Instead, we had teachers that taught by saying 'just whack your leg there' (you know the cue). And it wasn't until much later that we found Denise Wall and trained under her.

Now, I was about to head to college, so we are talking late high school before I began training in a way that brought insight to my anatomy and how my body was designed to move, but still in a short time of getting cues a certain way, and understanding the details of the anatomy, I was able to book professional performing jobs, such as Cirque Du Soleil, and professional teaching jobs, such as faculty at Broadway Dance Center. 

For this reason, I have so much passion for saying 'it's never too late' and also truly believing that what your dancers may need is what I needed, to hear and understand how their body is designed to move in a new way-- and our company goes even further, by showing the dancer through our apparel their body in motion, achieving the results.

What we offer can get your dancers to any level, if you are committed and focused, if you are open to learning new things, along with teaching current concepts differently. If that's you, then keep reading...

See, we wouldn't package this up for you if we had even a shadow of doubt that it has worked for all of our past clients and that it will work for you, too. Because if you have gotten to this point, then you have the commitment it takes to achieve what you want to accomplish. 

And plus, with it being totally risk-free, there is no reason not to bet on yourself, believe in yourself and let our community propel you forward to the next level.

See you in the Academy!

Cara Dixon

Relative Motion Co-Founder/Director

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